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How do we keep our standard so high?

PhoneAPlumber is a unique new booking service that allows you to get the best available engineers to quote for your job, then you pick which one to book based on the quote. All you do then is rate them, its done so noone can cheat the system, so no more ‘gamed’ rating systems.

We individually meet and vet each plumber, and spend time with our plumbers learning from our customers how to make our service better.

Here's how we do it;

Review their application.

Interview them. We don't take on engineers who aren't friendly or smart.

Background checks; Review Tax, Insurance, Trade history, References.

Aggregate scores from online vetting services such as CheckaTrader.

Send them jobs. Get the ratings based on;
- Speed
- Value For Money
- Manners and Cleanliness
- Recommendability

These rating are fed back into their own internal scoring. So the next set of jobs we send the best performing engineers.
If you are a quality plumber with at least 2 years experience and a proven track record then we want to hear from you!

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