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Get Your Electrical Issues Diagnosed And Solved By A Qualified Electrician

Whether it's a new electrical installation, minor electrical repairs or parts replacement or any electric related issues, our vetted and experienced electrician will make sure to offer you safety and professional assistance. We’re fully trade authorised and registered. All our services are competitively priced and there is a fixed rate for the planned works however there might be some occasional extra costs of parts and materials used.

From small installations to complex electric works, every task performed is up to the highest standards by our vetted electricians. Our qualified electricians are able to handle domestic as well as commercial electrical problems. From fuse box replacement to rewiring of the entire house, you can count on us. The certified electrician will bring every necessary tools and equipment to fix your problem and will even advise if any necessary changes required. Moreover, they can also help you get issued electrical safety certificates for domestic, commercial or industrial premises.

Service Features

Vetted Technicians

We offer qualified and certified electricians

Fully Equipped

All tools & equipment are provided

Service Included

  • Survey visit to your location
  • Inspection and price estimation
  • Once confirmed, we will schedule service
  • A fully-equipped electrician will solve your problem

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How Your Electricians Can Help Me?

A: Our electricians in London carry out hundreds of jobs every month with 100% customer satisfaction. Some of these jobs include - new electrical installations, rewiring, repairs (socket, switches, ventilation system, lighting), fixing tripping, alterations and extensions to circuits, electrical safety inspections, appliance testing, issuing landlord certificates etc.

Q: Do you offer emergency services?

A: Our emergency team is ready to help whenever you require electricians in London. This team is on call 24/7 for any kind of emergencies. Our emergency services include electric testing and site safety assessments, removal of damaged cables, replacement of mainline and isolators to name some.

Q: How do I know whether my house needs rewiring?

A: There are some warning signs that you must pay attention to like flickering lights, frequent fuse tripping, burning smell, loose connections in an outlet, visible poor or loose wiring etc. These problems call for action and should not be ignored. It could be hazardous. We can perform a thorough home safety inspection.