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PhoneAPlumber Specializes in Providing Quality Work for Commercial Sectors

PhoneAPlumber excels in providing high-quality plumbing, heating and repair solutions not only for Housing and private sector but also for commercial purposes including full installations, responsive repair, maintenance, servicing, and other planned works. We have years of expertise in delivering satisfaction, high-quality services, responsive repairs, we strive to cater for all commercial needs.

PhoneAPlumber is currently serving thousands of business across London and the South East. We offer repair, maintenance and installation services across London and within the M25 area. With a team of over 100 qualified plumbers, electricians, gas engineers, builders, plasterers, carpenters, roofers and locksmiths, we aim to deliver a quality professional service every time. Our services include:

  • Plumbing services
  • Electric Works
  • Central Heating Services
  • Leakage and damp investigation
  • Gas - Safety Checks
  • Door and window locks services
  • Boilers - Installation, repair and service
  • Handyman Jobs
  • Showers - installations, service, repairs
  • Walls and Ceilings Repair

When to Hire Us

For Catering/Entertainment - We have been serving restaurants and hotels with catering and entertainment assets, providing them with cooking and storage facilities, lighting, electric works, sound systems etc.

For Offices - We have been serving various offices with refurbishment services ranging from minor repairs, relocating walls, reinstating power, repairing ceilings and redecorations the complete building.

For Cultural Sites - Apart from the above, we also have expertise in serving cultural sites like care homes providing a range of facilities like upgrading washing facilities, robing areas, kitchen etc.

For Mechanical/Electrical Needs -PhoneAPlumber has professional gas safe engineers to tackle your mechanical, heating, gas, ventilation and electrical requirements including responsive repairs and services.

Why Choose Us For Commercial Needs

All the work done are targeted to deliver high-quality service to meet each business standards. All our staffs are trained extensively to ensure their skills are refreshed from time to time and they are able to work safely at your commercial property. We can help you with responsive repairs, mechanical and electrical needs for restaurants, offices, cultural sites and all types of businesses. We will help you with all-electric, plumbing, repair and handyman jobs. Our innovative approach ensures that the work gets started within your chosen time slot and covered within the timescale.

We offer -

  • ● 24/7 emergency call-out services
  • ● Gas Safe Registered engineers
  • ● Competitive pricing
  • ● Friendly and professional Engineers/Workers
  • ● Fully guaranteed work
  • ● Widespread services covering the entire London
  • ● Services provided for Housing, Private Sectors and Commercial

Are you are looking forward to any of our services? Commercial business owners can call us today and one of our specialists will visit your location. They will diagnose the problem and suggest the right service for your business! Feel free to contact us!